The Island


Kos also called bicycle-island!


The town of Kos was founded in 366 BC, in the same area where modern Kos nowadays is to be found. It climaxed during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, being a crossroad between civilisations, between East and West, the meeting point for both culture and trade. Its public market was of great fame during the antiquity and still is thriving in our days.


When entering the harbour of Kos town the imposing medieval Castle of Neratzia is bound to draw your attention. This castle is connected to the mainland by a bridge that crosses the Palm Tree Avenue, the same one that connects the Castle to the Platanos, the large plane tree under which Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, used to teach.

All around Kos town you can find signs of the past, reminders of the civilisations that passed through its harbour. Numerous buildings, built in imitation of the Italian architecture of the colonies in N. Africa, most typical being the Country Hall.


Culture, history, nature, all together form the beauty of Kos. The wetland in Psalidi, a place of unique natural beauty await for you to feel the harmony, to experience the peacefulness and excitement of the contact with unspoilt nature. There you’ll feel the freshness of untouched beauty, you’ll see rare birds, hundreds of plants and long, gold beaches surrounding this small paradise.

Passed the beautiful wetland of Psalidi you’ll find Therma, a place named after the numerous hot springs of the area. Hot spring water can not only fill you with feelings of relaxation and harmony, but also help you in several health problems, since its rich sulphur content gives it great therapeutic value.


On the western edge of the island, 42 kilometres from Kos town, you’ll find the picturesque village that lies above the bay of Kamari, Kefalos and below that the islet of Saint Nicholas (Kastri). There are quite a few sites to be seen in Kefalos, such as the Basilica of Saint Stephanos, the monastery of St. John the Theologian, the ruins of Astipalea and the cave Aspri Petra. An event not to miss: the Ouzo Festival, a tribute to Greece's national aperitif, another opportunity to dance until dawn and have a real great time!



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