During rentalperiod you are always insured with an insurance to third part.

The insurance to third part covers the damages from the third part only.

For your own safety, we advice you to take the full insurance . This insurance covers damages for all parties involved except of an own risk. The insurance will not cover the damages in case the driver is under influence of alcohol or drugs.

Be always alert that you lock the vehicle and to take the key with you.


General informatiοn


The openinghours are 09:00 am - 21:00 pm.


Following is included in the rentalprice:

-Free kilometers



-Customer transportation to/from accomodation




Τhe min. rentalperiod is one day from 09:00 am to 19:30 pm.



On Kos island the rules in the traffic are the European ones, be careful with one-way streets and speed.


It is forbidden to drive on sandy routes and on beaches.


In case of an incident, please always contact us immediately.


Ιn case of problems, please always contact us immediately.


Τhe gaz is the renter's responsability.


The gazstations are open from 07.00 am till 07.00 pm except of Sundays and Bankholidays.


Prolongation can be done either by phone to us or just pass by.


For the rent of scooters, quads, motors, buggy and trikes, you need a valid driving licence.

Passport or other id's are not accepted for rent.




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